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The SG102 Dump Pump is part of Parker's family of Commercial Hydraulics truck pumps.

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Parker Gear Pump SG102 Series Dump Pump

Building upon the technology of the industry standard C102/G102 pumps, the innovative SG102 Dump Pump provides a 37% faster dumping cycle versus the standard G102. The SG102 Dump Pump is part of Parker's family of Commercial Hydraulics truck pumps.
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This video demonstrates the speed and efficiency of the Parker Dump Truck System using the SG102 Dump Pump (installed in the truck on the right).
Parker Gear Pump G101 and G102 Series

Multiple mounting types; Speeds to 2400 rpm; Pressures to 2500 psi; Output flows to 9.5, 21 & 29 gpm @ 1800 rpm; 2- or 3-line installations; Air remote operators.
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Parker Gear Pump Easy Fit Bushing Pumps

The Easy Fit bushing series was designed to fit into places a normally designed bushing or roller bearing pump might not fit. This series works well in any vocational application that has a pressure requirement of 3000 psi or less and a flow requirement up to 32 gpm at 1200 rpm.
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Parker Gear Pump G102 Series with Din Flange

Check out this 8 Tooth Mount ideal for Volvo® I-SHIFT™ and Mack® mDRIVE™. Now you can get superior shaft strength in a pump and valve combination that incorporates the 8 Tooth Din 1 3/8" shaft.
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Use our online tool to easily configure gear pumps and hydraulic gear motors for your application. View online e-configurator.

Download the CVA16 Tipper Valves Bulletin (USA) | (Canada)

Ideal for dump truck or dump trailers, Parker Tipper Valves can be positioned anywhere the installer wants on the truck. They allow larger pumps to be directly mounted to the PTO and offer lower costs versus stack valves. Learn more about our three cost effective in-cab controls for trucks, with and without PTO switches.

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Certified Parker Truck Hydraulic Centers (THC) offer local, one-stop shopping with knowledgeable, experienced service and technical support for the vocational truck market. Our facilities distribute, build and repair complete hydraulic systems, as well as parts, for both end users and fleet customers. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Parker products and deliver the highest quality services for our customers.